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Mercedes X350 Pick Up

  • Date Treated by Before 'n' After: 04-04-2019
  • Year of manufacture: 2019
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 400
  • Engine: 3 litre v6
  • 10 year guarantee on corrosion treatment
  • Classification: a) "Mint", new or nearly new vehicles. Not expected to need re-treatment under the guarantee.
  • The underneath has been coated at the factory with a synthetic, water based wax, particularly in high impact areas. This wax is not anti-corrosive but is obviously intended to give some abrasion resistance. It is soft, and like waxoyl, dirt tends to stick to it. It's impossible to get it absolutely clean (like waxoyl) because the pressure washer just embeds the dirt further. My coating will soak into it and form an amalgam with it. During Ford's ownership of Land Rover, Defenders were coated with a similar wax so I know from experience that the amalgam of the synthetic wax and my coating will give very good performance.