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Land Rover Defender 90

  • Date Treated by Before 'n' After: 29-04-2016
  • Year of manufacture: 2011
  • Mileage: 40000
  • Engine: 2.5 Diesel TD5
  • 10 year guarantee on corrosion treatment
  • Classification: a) "Mint", new or nearly new vehicles. Not expected to need re-treatment under the guarantee.

front wheel arch showing outriggers coated

Chassis injected

Front outriggers after pressure wash

Fuel pump guard after pressure wash

Front outriggers seen from rear after pressure wash

Rear axle and suspension after pressure wash

From rear after pressure wash

From rear after pressure wash 2

Fuel tank guard after pressure wash

Gearbox x member injected

Near rear of chassis injected

Underbody coated from rear

rear chassis coated

Mid section (uj\'s) coated

Underbody coated from front

Back axle coated

Chassis injected

Fuel pump guard and chassis coated