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Land Rover 110

  • Date Treated by Before 'n' After: 07-07-2019
  • Year of manufacture: 2006
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Mileage: 66000
  • Engine: 2402 cc Diesel
  • 10 year guarantee on corrosion treatment
  • Classification: c) Over 10 years old but very clean for age. Not expected to need re-treatment under the guarantee.
  • Waxoyled by Before 'n' After in 2010 soon after it was purchased by owner. It should have been waxoyled at the expiry of the 5 year guarantee. Nevertheless it was in very good shape underneath with very little rust apparent. As always with waxoyl some dirt impacts into the coating and this gives a bit of a dirty look even after vigorous pressure washing. (The pressure wash just embeds it further). This is not a disadvantage because the dirt protects the coatin somewhat from further impact. The new coating penetrates into the old coating and forms a new amalgam with it.


BEFORE pressure wash 1

BEFORE pressure wash 2

After pressure wash 1

After pressure wash 2

Injected 1

Injected 2

Injected 3

Injected 4

Injected 5

Coated 1

Coated 2

Coated 3

Coated 4

Clean 1

Clean 2

Clean 3

Clean 4