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Land Rover Discover 2 V8

  • Date Treated by Before 'n' After: 20-07-2019
  • Year of manufacture: 2003
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Mileage: 42500
  • Engine: V8 4 litre petrol
  • 10 year guarantee on corrosion treatment
  • Classification: a) "Mint", new or nearly new vehicles. Not expected to need re-treatment under the guarantee.
  • Plenty more low mileage, corrosion free time capsules in Japan. A Discovery V8 like this will go for about 500 to 1,000 GBP at Japanese auction. Contact a Japanese auction agent – they have English speakers. (Poke about on the internet then send an email) - All the auctions are linked by CCTV to internet and the agent will let you look at the system free of charge for a week so you can get a feel for prices etc. You then have to pay a deposit in order to keep looking. All cars have detailed check sheets. You can peruse the daily auction lists until you see the car of your dreams and enter your bid. If successful your agent will put the car on a ship for you. The agent will charge a fixed fee plus commish. You will also have to pay shipping cost, vat and import duty. Then, once imported you have to register the car with the DVLA of course. Vehicles over 10 years old are not required to have much modification done. I estimate that a car like this would cost about £3,500 all in. (I imported a Honda SMX a few years ago)


BEFORE pressure wash 1

BEFORE pressure wash 2

After pressure wash 1

After pressure wash 2

Injected 1

Injected 2

Injected 3

Injected 4

Injected 5

Injected 6

Injected 7

Chassis rear quarter injected

Coated 1

Coated 2

Coated 3

Coated 4

Coated 5

Clean 1

Clean 2

Clean 3

Clean 4

Clean 5