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Jaguar XK8

  • Date Treated by Before 'n' After: 23-05-2018
  • Year of manufacture: 2001
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Mileage: 80000
  • Engine: V8 4 litre
  • 10 year guarantee on corrosion treatment
  • Classification: c) Over 10 years old but very clean for age. Not expected to need re-treatment under the guarantee.


Rear suspension BEFORE pressure wash

Underbody BEFORE pressure wash

Rear wheel arch detail after pressure wash

Front suspension after pressure wash

Seam under boot floor

Rear suspension after pressure wash

Rear suspension injected

Underbody coated

Rear suspension coated

Bonnet injected

Boot lid injected

From rear - coated

Clean 4

Clean 3

Clean 2

Clean 1